Grillbot Key Features

Simply put the Grillbot on your BBQ grill, press a button, and Grillbot cleans your BBQ. Grillbot scours grease and caked-on grime leaving your grill sparkling clean with regular maintenance. Click on each item below to learn more.

  1. 1
    Push Button Operation

    It’s very simple to operate Grillbot. Just press the button and let Grillbot take care of the rest. You can decide how long you want Grillbot to clean your grill by pushing the button once, twice or three times.

    • 1 Press – 10 minutes running time

    • 2 Presses – 20 minutes running time

    • 3 Presses – 30 minutes running time

  2. 2
    3 Powerful Electric Motors

    Each Grillbot is equipped with 3 powerful electric motors. This ensures that with regular use, your BBQ will look and remain pristine ensuring the ultimate BBQ experience.

  3. 3
    Built in LCD Display, Alarm and Timer

    Each Grillbot has a built-in LCD alarm and timer that will indicate how long Grillbot has been in action for. If your BBQ is too hot to operate, Grillbot will notfiy you through an alarm and will stop automatically. Remove Grillbot from the BBQ and allow it to cool down. Once the BBQ is cool enough you can get Grillbot back in action.

  4. 4
    Smart Computer Brain to Regulate Speed and Direction

    Grillbot can regulate the speed and direction of its path in order to clean better and ensure maximum coverage, depending on your BBQ’s shape.

  5. 5
    Rechargeable Battery with AC Charger

    Grillbot is equipped with a rechargeable battery and AC charger so you  Grillbot will never ever run out of juice.